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Leading the multidisciplinary team on behalf of Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust to deliver their new 48 bed Willow Therapy Unit at the Norwich Community Hospital site.

Funding was awarded in the Summer of 2023 based on the investment objectives of significantly reducing the period of time patients spend in the nearby acute hospital setting. Achieving this  through enhancing and improving ‘patient flow’ with discharging patients from the acute setting into the community and providing therapy and rehabilitative care services to expedite the journey.

The new Willow Therapy unit will be constructed using modular technology which will assist with meeting the demanding delivery programme.


exi are appointed to lead the Trust with their multi-disciplinary design and construction services, including the development of the operational and design brief; leadership and production of the design solution; including, submission of a full planning application; procurement and contract administration; and design and construction phase services across the following disciplines;

·      Strategic & Technical Advisory

·      Project Management

·      Healthcare planning

·      Digital management

·      Planning Consultancy

·      Architectural and Principal Design

·      Building Services and Net Zero Carbon advisory

·      Breeam assessor

·      Civils, structures and Highways engineering

·      Cost management

·      Contract administration


The demanding programme is a significant challenge for this project. The Trust were awarded funding for the new Willow Therapy Unit in Summer 2023 and with Practical Completion expected by June 2024. The aggressive programme constraints were driven by the need to spend capital within an agreed time period; which in turn assists the flow of patients and removing “bed blockers” from the local acute hospital into the community.

The development zone is within an area where all developments must achieve and comply with stringent planning policy including “Nutrient Neutrality”. To achieve this, a significant amount of engagement has been undertaken with the Project Team and the Local Authority over a condensed period to achieve successful submission of the planning application.

The Trust appointed a delivery contractor early-on in the concept design stage fixing the delivery as a modular build project. As a result – the technical design team and project team have undertaken a significant collaboration with the contracting team to ensure the concept design strategy is deliverable with the fixed constraints and parameters of the modular units.

Added value & outcomes

exi has a large multi-disciplinary team working on this project to ensure that the client receives the outcome that they desire. The project is key to supporting the Trusts wider aims and objectives of improving flows in the local acute hospital.

The new unit has highlighted areas to the Trust where standard documentation and record information may have been lacking and through the issues identified the Trust have improved their systems for future projects and continuously improving.

Leading the project, the exi team working collaboratively with the Trust partners has ensured the successful stage completion and will continue to ensure the project deliverables, programme, costs and quality of delivery are achieved