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On 15th June 2022 the new Building Regulations and updates will become live. This will bring about changes to Part F (Ventilation), Part L (Conservation of fuel and power), and will see the introduction of a new Part O (Overheating) and Part S (Infrastructure for the charging of electric vehicles).

The revisions/amendments for Part F and Part L will apply to all new and existing dwellings and non-domestic buildings, and the new Part O will apply to all new residential buildings. Part S can apply to most building types including non-residential and mixed use.

These changes apply to all buildings in England.

What changes are being made?

From June 2022, under the new regulations, all new residential schemes will be expected to achieve a reduction of 31% less CO2 emissions than is acceptable in the current 2013 Part L.

The notional building now has lower heating flow temperatures, waste water heat recovery and improved U-Values.

There is also a reduction in the carbon factors for grid electricity to recognise the impact renewables is having in the UK energy mix. However, a new measure of primary energy usage will penalise those looking for a direct heating solution.

The introduction of the new Part O document for Overheating requires designers to consider solar gains by limiting glazing areas, façade orientation, passive shading and natural cross ventilation. Compliance modelling and other measures can also be used (CIBSE TM59).

For non-residential buildings, the uplifts on Part L thermal performance impact the construction with reduced U Values and improved air permeability results, which will also drive a decrease on CO2 emissions from the current Part L.

Part S specifies the inclusion of electric vehicle chargers to a number of different types of projects, which will increase the electrical infrastructure and distribution to serve these large loads.

How will this apply to schemes that are not yet registered or started on site?

Whilst these changes will be applied from 15th June 2022, the Government has confirmed that there will be a transitional period. The Amendment Regulations will not apply to building’s where a notice has been given to, or full plans deposited with, a local authority before 15th June 2022 provided that works on that particular building are started before 15th June 2023. Where schemes have been registered before 15th June 2023, works on specific buildings must have commenced before 15th June 2023.

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